Free Wi-Fi Internet becomes regulate. Our system makes free internet a powerful tool for marketing and sales, competent channel of communication with your clients via Wi-Fi nets

Control systems

Convenient solutions for monetisation of Wi-Fi and not only it...

Advertisement in Wi-Fi nets

High-quality contact with audience, powerful analytics, high CTR


Airports, railway stations, bus terminals, trains, planes and other.


Today in era of high speeds and constant lack of time it is the most important always to stay in connection and have access to actual information. Provide it to your clients.

Free access to Internet at airports, stations etc. is always relevant and needed. People will appreciate not only ability to connect to the Internet but also actual information and timely promotional offer that will be welcome. You can do it with our system.

Timetables and useful information, local advertisement and promotions, assistance in search and even virtual map – all it can be easy and available with system Wi-Hi.

Advertisement of transport with targeting and analysis from Wi-Hi will be needed for advertiser.

Shopping malls and networks, supermarkets and markets and others.


On the basis of many researches 70-80% solutions about purchase of goods is made by buyers directly at the point of sale. That is why the communication with potential clients is important in shops, whether its shopping center or network, food supermarket or building hypermarket …

Availability of free Wi-Fi Internet access will help to visitors while away the time in minutes of rest between shopping and connected system WI-HI will help to users to select the next purchase and not only…

Placement of actual targeted advertisement, performance and analysis of marketing campaigns and research within the facility, help in search and selection of trade mark and good, share product reviews or about the object and even virtual card will crossed your relations with clients to new high-quality level. And the ability effectively reached the clients in point of sales will be highly appreciated by advertisers.

This is the whole internal world directed to comfort at the shopping and rest in separate commercial facility.

Appreciate clients and earn more with Wi-Hi!

Exhibitions, seminars, forums and others.


It is not secret that electronic devices conquered the world and time of digital technologies does not stop to turn over our understanding of this world.

Wi-Hi offers something similar – to turn over presentation about way for major business events such as forums, seminars and exhibitions. Away with the old methods of collection, sorting and analyzing of information. With us everything is easier and more convenient. Very simple and very convenient. Now none of the contacts will not be lost and information will not be missed.

Order the integration of system Wi-Hi for your exhibition or forum and you will be amazed how you ever got along without it.

Concerts, festivals, sport events, museums and others.


To be the part of holiday and good mood of clients – is not it the desire of many brands?! Due to it companies become sponsors for different mass events and system Wi-Hi gives them unique opportunity to be participant of festive mood directly at the time of event.

To be with client at the festival – it means timely to remind you!

Do you control concert area or stadium? Is there public Wi-Fi? So it is the best possibility to create new profitable marketing channel and earn by selling advertisement and promotions.

Wi-Fi + Wi-Hi – is much to gain from it!

Hotels, sanatoriums, recreation center, sports base and SPA-centers and others.


Clients of hotels, sanatoriums, recreation centers choose free Wi-Fi, availability of which impacts on tourists choosing. Studies show that availability of free WI-FI at selection of hotel of recreation center, tourists call as the MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR.

At the same time the free Wi-Fi – is powerful channel of sales and communications not using which hotels every day loss its income.

Wi-Hi system allows easy to turn free Wi-Fi into powerful tool of sales, marketing and advertisement. Do not waste time – special package Wi-Hi Hotels will help to increase sales, increase the loyalty of guests and you will just fall in love with your profitable free Wi-Fi!

Wi-Fi + Wi-Hi = profit for you and I!

Medicine centers, hospitals, clinics and other.


Free Wi-Fi Internet is highly needed for visitors and clients of medical institutions. Expectation of reception by doctor or results of analysis will be easier with free Wi-Fi Internet.

And the ability to offer targeted advertisement connected with medicine and health will be in demand by advertisers.

As a result, - better mood, higher loyalty and more profit.

Parks, beaches, recreation area and other.


People want to be connected always. And public places such as parks, beaches and recreation areas are not exclusions. Provide them this possibility with free Wi-Fi.

When person as rest and relax, he/she has time and wish to pamper him/her. Offer them your additional services (advertising drinks and sweets, children’s entertainments and goods and services of the third persons…) with Wi-Hi.

In return, you’ll receive more sales and good mood.

Universities, schools student's city and hostels and other.


The most active users of digital technologies and Internet are youth and especially students. Do not leave them without opportunity to be in touch. And do not leave yourself without additional profit from advertisement sale to active young audience.

Wi-Fi + Wi-Hi – it is modern and profitable!


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